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Forensic Accounting Certification Course

3 Day Forensic Accounting Certification Course will introduce you to the world of fraud and give a deeper insight to the traits of fraudsters and investigators. Learn how cheating and deception happens and methods and strategies to investigate financial crimes using CAATTs, Forensics Tools and Novel Methods. This course is for those Chartered Accountants, professionals and graduates (with work experience between 4 and 5 years) seeking an insight into the world of forensics & fraud investigation and would like to add value to their careers. It is for those who wish to do something different from the run of the mill practice or move up the corporate ladder. There is no need to have detailed knowledge about accounting and auditing; only an open mind is required.



Certification Details

Gain insights on how frauds happen and how to spot red flags at early stage, Protect your organization by developing forensic eye and save huge sums, Enhance your skill sets by identifying risks in your routine work, monitor your subordinates better and Learn about Audit/IT/ Forensic tools and its application.
This course is conducted on regular basis in Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. Please keep checking the website for the schedules and details of venue. Participants will have to carry their laptop computers for live exercises and case studies.

Mahesh Bhakti : Chief mentor and overall course coordinator

Course Faculty : Rajan Gupte, Jatin Jhaveri, Govindsingh Purohit

The fees for this course is Rs.35,000 + 18% GST and the course material, which also includes a free copy of the book "Novel and Conventional Methods of Audit, Investigation and Fraud Detection" (third edition) by CA Chetan Dalal. Fees will be accepted only via Cheque, Demand Draft or EFT.
9th - 11th March 2018


Curriculum for Certification Course

Window to the World of Frauds, Why fraud occurs? Types of frauds, Traits and motives of fraudsters and development guidance for investigators. Simple but effective forensic tests on documents and spreadsheets. Difference between Audit and Forensic audit, Fraud Investigative Methods, Novel and Traditional methods of fraud detection and investigation. How to spot Red Flags. Case Studies.
Computer Aided Audit Tools and Techniques, MS Excel as a CAAT tool, Sampling techniques for Internal Audit and Investigation. How to see patterns in data to ferret out anomalous transactions. Class Activities and case studies on Frauds Investigation using CAATTs.
Red Flags and Types of Frauds like Trojan Horse, Achilles’ Heel, Red Herring, Orphan Funds, WWW, Disasters, etc. and Case Studies thereon.
The 8 point CAAT-Techniques and advance methods of CAATTs; case studies thereon, Mathematical tools like Benford’s Law, etc. Mathematical methods of investigation – Benford’s Law, RSF, etc. - what it is and how to use it, apply on test database to obtain samples, etc.
Digital Forensics and Cyber Frauds; Common and advance cyber-crimes, incident response and methods &s; strategies; chain of custody and cyber security; digital imaging and storage forensics; how to locate digital evidence; case studies on cyber frauds and digital forensics.
Green Flag Syndrome and related case studies, Advance case studies on methods of detection. Unconventional methods of detection. Advanced case studies and class activities. Interactions and Interviews during the Investigation Process. Interrogations and Field Surveillance. Fraudster behaviour and Elements of a good professional investigator.

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