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by Chetan Dalal


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Learn Excel basics and advance applications with hands-on experience to enhance your processing capabilities for forensics, audits and reports. eLearning module with step-by-step explanations. For Group / Corporate Inquiries write to us at training@chetandalal.com

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Chetan Dalal Investigation and Management Services (CDIMS), established in 2000, has been a pioneer in investigating fraud and providing forensic accounting services in India.

Mr. Chetan Dalal, the Chief Faculty, had a fascination for detective work right from his childhood. He got the coveted CFE qualification from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Austin Texas USA in 1998. At that time he was the first CFE from Mumbai, and one of the handful few in India. He started CDIMS where his professional skill sets could be merged with his interest in detective work, thus was created this concept of an accounting sleuth!

The CDIMS Forensic practices are backed by hard core research and experience of the CDIMS team in many of India’s top Blue Chip companies. CDIMS was one of the first non big 4 firms to use and apply audit software. The CDIMS team also has experience in a wide range of industries.

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We have clients in the following sector: Manufacturing Industry, Luxury Hotels, Engineering, Clubs and Entertainment, Direct Marketing, Automobile, Water treatment plants, National and Private Banks, Oil Operations, Insurance and Government Agencies.


Training in Pune for a workshop accredited by GFSU in October 2016

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Workshop in Dubai for the ICAI in February 2017

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Training in Pune for a workshop accredited by GFSU in January 2017

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Workshop for ICAI in BKC July 2016

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